Our goal is simple: To create learning success stories, preparing dental practices for the 21st century.


Since 2005 our team has been certified by Patterson and Sirona to train offices with CEREC (CAD/CAM) & more recently the Galileos CBCT technology. The Learning Center has been utilized to inspire and guide practices to achieve their true potential. We do this through personalized instruction, working hand-in-hand with the doctor and the entire team.

When we have the time in our demanding schedules to attend a lecture, It would be gratifying if the focus of the class was synonymous with the class description. Unfortunately, I have often found myself wondering why I chose to attend certain seminars, when I didn't gain any assets to advance my practice. Several years ago, before I began lecturing for Sirona and Patterson, I had the good fortune to attend a course in south Florida at the Sclar Center presented by Anthony Sclar, DMD.  A tropical storm prevented a group of Dominican dentist from arriving and I had the unique opportunity to work with and learn from Dr Sclar.

That exceptional experience helped me understand that classes should be designed and tailored to the specific needs of each doctor and staff member. We all have different personalities and that leads to very differing approaches to how we manage our practice and team.

Here, at the SLC Learning Center, we have questionnaires and forms that the doctor and staff complete. This allows us to create a class that is personalized to your needs. Our goal is for every attendee to feel energized and confident in their ability to apply the new techniques and skills they have learned.      

Samuel L Corey, DDS

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